This state of the art facility, equipped with pool, Jacuzzi, gym, wedding hall and express bar, is surrounded by historical and medieval castles and monasteries, a land once ruled with passion by Kings, Queens, and Knights with horses and swords and yet giving any visitor the magical feelings of being lost in time several centuries ago.

The house

Manny’s paradise is a refuge were you can relax, be awaked by the birds at sunrise, spend a day walking in the woods to relax, swimming in the pool, have a massage in the Jacuzzi with a scotch on the side, and the evening by the fireplace or relax with glass of wine, or stay in touch with you're business or loved ones using our internet room or simply enjoy a good book, etc.

Guided tours to the places below can be arranged for a reasonable fee, including a light lunch.
For the wine lovers, we offer wine tasting every evening for a small fee at local wine makers.

Manny's place is nestled in a remote village about 130 km north of Lisbon and 40 km from the ocean. We're conveniently located within minutes of breathtaking historic castles, palaces, monasteries and cathedrals, some were build by the Moors before the 11th century and others built by Dom Afonso Henriques, the Portugal first king, when he took power in the 1112 year and many, and many others build later.

Batalha monastery built to honour Victory Lady for helping defeat the Spaniards on August 14 of 1385; this was the latest attempt to conquer Portugal. This is a monument of impressive art and of magnificent beauty, is also the resting place of the 4th dynasty King João the first, and most of his sons including prince Henry the" Navigator".

The sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima and the three little shepherd’s houses and all related holly places are only a 20 minutes drive away. 

The legendary wind and water mills, some still in operation and the recently discovered dinosaurs foot prints, are only a few of many other local attractions…

The majestic Mira d'Aire caves, the second biggest group in Europe. You walk through an underground river bed to 330 feet depth with the sound of water falls and the steatites pointing at you like swords 60 feet above you head.

The Roman Ruins of Conímbriga are over 2200 years old; it was the largest settlement of the Roman Empire in Western Europe. They're lavish lifestyle can still be seen with beautiful uncovered tiles, hot tubs, pools, botanic gardens etc…

Hot springs are also one of the favourites; the water temperature at the spring is 80 degrees Celsius, famous water to cure or easing the pain on rheumatism and respiratory diseases...

The beach of Nazaré, also a fishing village is 30 minutes away; there's lots of sightseeing, bullfights in season, surf, swim or relax on the beach.

For the more adventurous people, nearby on the mountains of the Salgado, you can try, parachuting, gliding or enjoy a day at the beach (clothes are optional).

Night life is about 20 minutes away, in the nearby city of Leiria , Ourém or Fatima, taxis are available.

We can arrange family packages according to your needs, or you can choose any of the packages below.


Relaxing package

Honeymoon package

Adventurer’s package

Lunch and Diner can be served at a reasonable fees, home made wine is free with the meal. Hiking, horseback riding or bike rides can be arranged while breathing the pure air of a mix of eucalyptus and pine trees.

30 € per night

Champagne on the first day, 5 trips and entrance fees paid to any of the attractions above or enjoy, horseback riding or biking locally at no extra charge and a ride in one of my antique collection cars.

80 € per night

Minimum stay of 4 days. Paragliding, horseback riding, 2 and 4 wheels dirt bikes, hiking or bike rides are all on pay per ride basis 25 € per night (single bed) with breakfast.
Others are also available at reasonable fees.

Reservations by e-mail to: